ISKCON Ghaziabad runs several spiritual welfare programs throughout the year. It positively impacts lakhs of people and transform many lives. Your donation will give you blessings of Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan Ji for supporting various spiritual and welfare activities. You may pick a donation of your choice.

Temple Constrution Seva

Lord Krishna is giving us an opportunity to become a part of this project.

“Whoever constructs or helps to construct a temple will protect eight generations of father, grandfathers and forefathers from falling into Hell” – Vamana Purana.

In the Srimad Bhagavatam we find the following verses: “By installing the Deity of the Lord, one becomes king of the entire earth, by building a temple for the Lord, one becomes ruler of the three worlds, by worshiping and serving the deity, one goes to the planet of Lord Brahma, and by performing all three of these activities one achieves a transcendental form like My own. But one who simply engages in devotional service with no consideration of fruitive results attains Me. Thus whoever worships Me according to the process I have described will ultimately attain pure devotional service unto Me.”

Donation NamePrice
Donate 10 CFT Sand500Donate Now
Donate 150 Bricks1000Donate Now
Donate 350 Bricks2500Donate Now
Donate 100 Kg TMT Saria5000Donate Now
Donate For Sudama Sewa Per Square Feet9999Donate Now
Donate For Life Membership35555Donate Now
Donate For Sudarshan Seva75000Donate Now
Donate For 108 Paadsevnam Sewa(each)100000Donate Now
Donate For Pandava Membership Sewa111000Donate Now
Donate For Golden Bricks Sewa150000Donate Now
Donate For 108 Bhakti Stambh Sewa(each)150000Donate Now
Donate For Vigrah Ke Jewellery Sewa250000Donate Now
Donate For Vigrah Ke Lift Sewa500000Donate Now
Donate For Vigrah Bartan Sewa500000Donate Now
Donate For Prabhupad's Alter Sewa500000Donate Now
Donate For Prabhupad's Vigrah Sewa500000Donate Now
Donate For Garuda Sewa500000Donate Now
Donate For Jay Vijay Sewa700000Donate Now
Donate For Brahmchari Aashram Sewa(each)750000Donate Now
Donate For Sanyasi Ashram Rooms Sewa750000Donate Now
Donate For Guest House Room Sewa(each)1500000Donate Now
Donate For Main Vigrah Sewa1500000Donate Now
Donate For Seminar Hall Sewa(each)3100000Donate Now
Donate For Parikarma Marg Sewa3100000Donate Now
Donate For Books And Gift Shop Sewa3100000Donate Now
Donate For Mandir Ka Mukhya Dwar Sewa5100000Donate Now
Donate For Prasadam Hall Sewa10000000Donate Now
Donate For Food For Life Kitchen15000000Donate Now

Brahman Bhojan Seva

Offering food to Brahmanas of pure character is recommended in vedic scriptures. Brahmcharis of ISKCON has taken a voluntary vow to not indulge in worldly matters but read the deep knowledge of Bhagavad Gita and other scriptures and propagate this knowledge. By arranging prasad for the devotees of Krishna, get blessings of many Brahmanas and Lord Krishna himself. 

Devoted and pious people feed Sadhus on anniversary, festivals, birthdays or other imprtant days.

Donate for bhojan of All Sadhus for 1 day11001Donate Now
Donate for bhojan of 100 Sadhus10001Donate Now
Donate for bhojan of 50 Sadhus5001Donate Now
Donate for bhojan of 20 Sadhus2001Donate Now
Donate for bhojan of 10 Sadhus1001Donate Now
Donate for bhojan of 1 Sadhu101Donate Now
Donate for Sweet Prasad7001Donate Now
Donate for Rice, Dal, Roti and Sabji Prasad4001Donate Now

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Go Seva

Lord Krishna is described as namo brahmanya devaya go-brahmana hitaya ca (Vishnu Purana 1.19.65), the well-wisher of cows. This was well-reflected in His care for cows as a cowherd boy in Vrindavana. In fact, Lord Krishna’s other names, Govinda and Gopala literally means, “friend and protector of cows”.


Whoever feeds the cow with grass and water every day derives the benefit equivalent to performing Ashwamedha Yajna. There is no doubt about this. (Brhat Parasara Smriti 5.26-27.)

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Anna Daan Seva

In India in the early seventies Srila Prabhupada began ISKCON Food Relief. One of his mandates for the project was that “no one within ten miles of the temple should go hungry”. A big task. ISKCON Food Relief grew and fed vast numbers of India poor, but went largely unnoticed in the West.


If you would like to help those in need by providing fresh and nutritious meals, please choose any of the options below to make a donation of your choice. Your contributions go towards the purchase of groceries, cooking, and transporting the meals.

25 Meals For ₹1250

50 Meals For ₹2500

100 Meals For ₹5000

125 Meals For ₹6250

150 Meals For ₹7500

200 Meals For ₹10000

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Ashrya Group

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