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The College requires that teaching staff demonstrate personal integrity, expertise in their respective fields, and competence as teachers, lecturers, and mentors.

Here we will stop on the subject which is usually not paid much attention but still is enough important. There is Vedic system of educating boys and girls. These educations are completely different. From their 5 years of age boys used to be give to spiritual schools. In education of girls and boys there is difference as there is difference between man and woman. 

The difference lies in the fact that the boy should be brought up as a responsible person before the society, future wife, future children and increase the power of the intelligence, power of learning, also cultivating good qualities connected to responsibility. 

Education of girl is based on giving her knowledge of family life, what is family, for what family life is, and she should learn all such things as a fish in the water. Usually in Vedic times girls were educated at their homes. Friends of woman who is having daughter used to help her in up brining her daughter, some of them were experts in sewing, come in cooking so all used to give their knowledge. Also character of a girl was educated by giving her example of great ladies in the history. Boys were educated at the school by spiritual master who used to have valuable moral qualities. And for a kid it was bad to be cruel with his teacher rather than not doing some home works. Here we should understand that education is a very difficult science but not simple giving orders to perform. Child is ready always to go after a person who is having good qualities. And a spiritual master can become one who is having all good qualities like: sincerity, responsibility, kindness, simplicity, knowledge of laws, humility, austerity, free from envy and criticisms etc. And child who used to stay in such atmosphere where such great qualities are cultivated used to become like his teacher. He used to become serious, he used to understand what is sincerity, what is debt, what are the duties, used to know how man and woman are different, that he has to be hard in his character, more decisive, that he has to protect women etc. 

Usually boys were trained in spiritual schools up to their 25th years of age, and accordingly used to gain proper knowledge and also profession according to their types of characters. And when they are 25 they were enough mature persons. Another thing is if person before 25 ages does not have any intimate contacts with opposite sex then one easily will cultivate good qualities. He will cultivate in himself morality, purity etc all good qualities will be cultivated in a person if he does not have any intimate contacts with opposite sex before marriage. On the contrary if man has intimate contacts with opposite sex then only bad qualities will be cultivated in him. It is because boy from 13 up to 25 is not able to control over his sexual energy. Which means he will go as it goes and will have intimate contacts with opposite sex and spoil his moral qualities. Because of that boys and girls were educated separately so that they do disturb each other and grow in their own groups. But they were given knowledge of how to behave properly with one future wife: how to talk, how to control one’s own senses etc.

This knowledge was given in detail. Men used to get married at 25 and girls usually at 14 or 18 not later. In Vedic culture it is considered that if girl who meets a man and that man will be her husband then she will become a very good wife. Here we should understand that hormonal maturity in girls develops very fast in early ages and later it reduces. In men it develops till 25 and then reduces. For this reason girl when they are 14-18 they have much desire for family life, desire to love, and in that period will grow deep attachment a husband. If she is not married in that period she loses desire for having protection, to be married for her will become secondary issue. If girl is married in her earlier ages she will feel deeper feeling to her husband. In Vedic system it is said that girl should be younger for 7-12 years than her husband. And if she used to see her husband already mature enough, who is having all good qualities naturally, she used to have desire to serve to him and do something good for him. And such family used to be ideal.

If woman always feels care, support and protection she will see all good qualities of a person before her and she will be proud of her husband and feel herself absolutely protected and happy. And man will see before him beautiful, young person with all good qualities, pure, very soft and chaste. This is very important because woman cannot become chaste if she once felt the taste of betray. And if she does not know the word betray then she even in her mind is not able to be unchaste. In this way in such instructions Vedas give simple ways of achieving harmony and happiness in family life.

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