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Kids Program

Children are trained in story telling, creative exercises, singing, dancing, dramas, painting, shloka recitation, fancy dress competition, etc. There are books exclusively published for these children like ‘Getting to know Krishna’ ‘Wonderful Krishna’ etc that are taught by expertly trained teachers to imbibe good samskars — character and values in children. There are quarterly ‘Balotsav’ programs where these children get opportunity to display their talents through drama, art, singing, dancing, performances, display booths — that is open for thousands of visitors.

During summer vacations, special children camps are organized for fun and learning experience of the children. There are over ten children Program all over Ghaziabad that operate once a week for a couple of hours, generally in the week end. Generally about 25 children attend each of these programs. The course registration generally starts from June. Besides the weekend couple of hours programs at different homes, Children Programs also organizes ‘Value Education’ program at schools to help children imbibe values and character in their school days.

Ashrya Group

Varishta Vaishnav Group (Senior Citizen Group)

Food For Life

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