Town Preaching

This is a department directly under HG Sundar gopal Prabhuji where the different nearby towns like Hapur, Pilakhuwa ,Gadh Mukteshwar etc have been taken up as Child preaching centers of ISKCON Ghaziabad and a new center with a separate land is either proposed or is in process Every center holds public programs, in which initiated devotees, Vaishnava brahmanas, speak on spiritual philosophy and answer any questions which the audience may have. In the Sunday program, the devotees chant mantras congregationally, give lectures, provide some spiritual entertainment, and offer a grand feast to the guests.

On specific holy days of the year, festivals are celebrated in prominent places. In the famous Rathayatra Festival, the Lord rides through the streets on a chariot pulled by thousands of enthusiastic followers.

Sometimes devotees put on a Festival , where they have free prasadam, exhibits of Vedic culture and philosophy, plays and musical entertainment. People of all kinds come for the spiritual fun.

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