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Village Preaching

The soul of the country lives in the villages. Still more than 70% population resides in the villages where till the recent years, the spiritual and Vedic culture was practiced.

But by the advent of modern, so called entertainment gadgets like TV, internet, and false propaganda in the name of economic development, in the past 200 years, there has been frequent degradation at all levels. For children, parents, teachers, politicians, women etc.

In the pursuit of lost satisfaction, people are leaving villages, we have lost thousands of villages in last 20 years. So, ISKCON Ghaziabad is launching this campaign “Gaon Bachao, Desh Bachao, Sanskriti Bachao (Save Villages, Save Country, Save Culture)”. With the objective to preserve , protect and promote the eternal, natural, eco-friendly, sustainable, Spiritual, Vedic Culture of ancient India, with the sole purpose to preserve human values, sentiments and emotions before it gets perverted into animalistic tendencies of crime, quarrel, fight, naxalism, terrorism, and making the whole country distributed and chaotic.

The basic principle of our campaign will be spreading religion of love and service for all, irrespective of their caste, greed, gender, religion, nationality, centred around the pure uncontaminated, unmotivated love for the Su-preme father Krishna who is the best friend for all the living beings of the world based on teachings of Lord Chaitanya who promoted Harinaam kirtan, promote the religion of love and service.

By making people participate in the glorification of Krishna’s name, pastimes, qualities and form through prac-tical and cultural presentation such as Harinaam Sankirtan, with the musical melodies. Performing stage perfor-mances of various pastimes of Krishna and his various incarnations and various great devotees who have been instrumental in spreading pure love again and again throughout the world in course of time. People to derive inspiration in how to love and how to serve the supreme and his all children in order to taste highest bliss in Krishna Consciousness.

Glorification will be done through grand deity worship, video shows, dramas, building temples, reading spiritual literatures, harinaam sankirtan, etc. This all will be done in a very festive atmosphere in a blissful and attractive way so that people may revive their lost bliss which they were enjoying in the festivals in the past

● When they will revive their lost higher taste, they will be happy where they are and they will not be attracted by the city glitter.
● Basic necessities fulfilment will remove all problems at all the levels. If done on mass scale, whole country and eventually, the whole world will be happy.
● In a nutshell, we wish to turn every village into Vrindavana.

This booklet contains a basic framework of how to execute this task of village preaching which will enable any devotee to start the village preaching from the scratch.

We beg the blessings of Sri Sri Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra, Guru Parampara, and all the Vaishnavas so that we should be able to execute this difficult task for the pleasure of their Lordships, devotees and everybody else.

Note: This vision for village preaching was given by HG Sundar Gopal prabhu (in January 2010) which is beginning to manifest now by the grace of Sri Guru and Gauranga.

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