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Why Temple Construction?

A temple is a sanctuary for transformation. Its impact is from both aspect – material and spiritual.

These temples are broadcasters of goodness, love and divinity. In the world outside, we have hospitals for the body, but a temple is a hospital for healing the mind. Material education is incapable to help one deal with the impulses of greed, anger, lust, ego, etc. It is only when one comes in contact with lord that one can subdue these viruses in heart. And that’s when this world becomes a good place. Our temples are safe spaces where people get personalized counselling for the troubles they face and the way to a meaningful and happy life.

Temples stands as a pillar of service, providing free meals to thousands of underprivileged children and individuals through it’s Food For Life initiative.

It is through these temples that we come to know that we are something more than just these mortal bodies. Our real identity is of eternal souls, part and parcel of Krishna. It is through here that we get to know beyond our temporary goals we have an ultimate goal. Temples are like a passport/VISA office for the spiritual world. These temples provide countless individuals a platform to practice devotional life.

If goodness is to prevail in society then the good people need to work with greater organisation and efficiency than the people contributing to negativity and thus we humbly seek your precious support in this mission of spreading goodness.

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