Holy places everywhere are meant for purifying the conciousness of the visitor. A place is made particularly holy by the presence of the Lord and His pure devotees. For Gaudiya Vaishnavas the major places of pilgrimage are Vrindavan, Mayapur, and Jagannatha Puri. Vrindavan is the site of Lord Krishna’s Pastimes, while Mayapur and Puri are the sites of Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes.

A visit to a holy place doesn’t only mean taking a bath in a sacred river or visiting temples. According to Srila Prabhupada, if one visits a holy place, he should search out the devotees residing there, take lessons from them and try to apply such instruction in practical life. Krishna is always present with His devotees and by there presence any place can become the place of pilgrimage. For this reason, the places where Srila Prabhupada visited are also considered places of pilgrimage

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