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We are very thrilled to introduce you to the wonderful Krishna Consciousness and spiritual world through classes for children where the primary goal is to train the children in character and values through Vedic knowledge. Bhakta Dhruva Prahalada School’s objective is to transform child into cultured civilized gentle person with strong Vedic knowledge as the basis of all the activities he perform.
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Bhakt Dhruv Prahlada School

  • Moral Education
  • Quiz
  • Shloka Recitation
  • Krishna Conscious Lifestyle
  • Drawing
  • Dance
  • Storytelling

Thus Children are educated through these various activities by qualified teachers who possess both material and spiritual qualifications. These activities build character and leadership qualities in children.

Why Children Need Bhakta Dhruva Prahlada School?

As we all know very well our country has made advancements in technology and Modern culture in the past two decades, the quality of life and the levels of basic satisfaction of human beings have gone down proportionally and we always keep getting the news about highly educated and successful professionals/celebrities committing suicide, being involved in unethical actions, performing in illegal transactions, remaining unhappy and dissatisfied, etc.

This all happens because real Vedic knowledge is not taught to children from childhood. Therefore there is a need to focus on Institutions that educate children not only in academics but also in the most fundamental sciences of life and, the science of one’s identity. Bhakta Dhruv Prahalad School provides values/life skills education to their students. This would help students to excel in their academics as well as in their lives. 

Purpose of Bhakt Dhruva Prahlada School

There is a certain course at Bhakt Dhruv Prahlad School to educate children with Vedic knowledge. Some Purposes of Bhakt Dhruv Prahlad School are following:

  • To transform children into cultured and civilized persons with strong value systems based on their activities.

  • To make awareness in Children about ancient Indian history and its Sanskrit language and all the ideal personalities associated with the history of our country.

  • To develop respect in children for all religious things and make them understand that the love of God is the highest principle in our life, which can resolve all problems in our lives and provide a peaceful mind and eternal happiness.

  • To boost the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of children etc.

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