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Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appeared in Mayapur, a town of Nadia, Bengal, on the eve of 18th, Feb, 1486. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s father, Sri Jagannatha Misra, was a poor Brahmana, and His mother, Saci-devi, was a virtuous woman from Sylhet who named Him Vishvambhara, but he was also known as Gaurahari due to His golden complexion and Nimai because of his birth near a neem tree.

During the years of study, Lord Chaitanya joined Gangadasa Pandita’s school in Ganganagara near Mayapur. Within two years, he became proficient in Sanskrit grammar and diction. He would self-study for hours from His father’s extensive book collection at home and by His tenth year, he excelled in grammar and rhetoric.

God is perfect at everything. Lord Chaitanya despite His position took many worldly responsibilities to teach us by his example. During the difficult times that followed the passing of His father, Lord Chaitanya would constantly reassure and comfort his mother. At the age of 14, He married Lakshmidevi and accepted all household responsibilities.

His reputation as a Pandita continued to grow, with Keshava Misra, who had claimed to be a Great Digvijayi (one who has never lost), losing a great debate within minutes of discussion.

Shortly after these incidents, Lord Chaitanya traveled to Gaya with a host of His students. He took His spiritual initiation from Ishvara Puri, a renowned saint and a disciple of Srila Madhevendra Puri. Upon His return to Nadia, Nimai Pandita turned religious preacher along with His eternal associates Lord Nityananda, Advaita, Gadadhara, and Srivasa. He would hold a nocturnal school of ‘kirtana’ in the compound of Srivasa Pandita with His sincere followers.

Lord Chaitanya took the Sanyasa order at 24 and accepted His base at Sri Jannatha Puri Dhaam. During the travel, He spent four months in Rangakshetra at Venkata Bhatta’s house during the rainy season. He converted Venkata’s whole family to Krishna-bhakti, including His ten-year-old son Gopala, who would later become one of the six Goswamis in Vrindavana.

The Lord is the original preacher of this great Bhakti movement. In His 48 years on this earth, He preached the glories of the holy name of God by chanting and dancing in ecstasy. Being the Lord Himself, Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu’s ecstatic love for Krishna would make the wild animals dance in the forest of Jharkhand. The Lord taught us all the highest perfection of life, becoming a student Himself.