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विलासहासेक्षितवामसूक्तै: ।
हृतात्मनो हृतप्राणांश्च भक्ति-
रनिच्छतो मे गतिमण्वीं प्रयुङ्क्ते‍ ॥

tair darśanīyāvayavair udāra-
hṛtātmano hṛta-prāṇāṁś ca bhaktir
anicchato me gatim aṇvīṁ prayuṅkte

Upon seeing the charming forms of the Lord, smiling and attractive, and hearing His very pleasing words, the pure devotee almost loses all other consciousness. His senses are freed from all other engagements, and he becomes absorbed in devotional service. Thus in spite of his unwillingness, he attains liberation without separate endeavor.


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Iskcon Ghaziabad  is distributing free meal to needy people.

Join us by making a kind contribution to provide the prasadam to needy people.

Scriptures mention food (prasadam) distribution as one of the most charitable acts. Food (prasadam) distribution is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Prasadam is infused with blessings. It not only nourishes the body but it energizes the soul one with unlimited blessings of Lord RadhaKrishna

Please donate generously and do not miss this unique opportunity to receive the unlimited blessings of Lord Krishna. Contribute to help us make this this occasion very special. 


Radha Rani

Visiting Temple

  • Maintain decorum of the temple.
  • Keep your shoes outside the temple in Shoe Rack only.
  • Dress code, Wear proper clothes like saree, suit, gopi dress. Wear culturally appropriate dress only. Short dresses, western cloth, fitted jeans etc are not allowed inside temple premises.
  • Kindly refrain from littering the surroundings. Dispose off waste in dustbins only.
  • Kindly refrain yourself from shouting too loud or talking too loud inside temple premises.
  • Use cloth bags to carry your belongings.
  • Don’t carry food items, plastic bags inside temple premises.