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Preaching to the Householders

The congregation preaching is the most important part of our International Society for Krishna Consciousness where Iskcon spreads the teaching of Bhagavad Gita and chainting of holy name of the lord for married people. The goal of congregation preaching is to engage householders towards the love and service of the lord Krishna and make Krishna in centre of each duty of Grihastha Ashram


Congregation Program

  • Helps in spiritual advancement
  • Provide practical solutions and skills to improve the performance of various roles such as husband, wife, father and mother etc.
  • Making Krishna Consciousness to everyone
  • Building and maintaining a strong devotee community.
  • Helps in increasing the quality of life 
  • Making one’s marriage life successful through Krishna Consciousness
  • To stop domestic violence, divorce, affairs and crimes in married life.

How ISKCON Performs Congregation Preaching?

Success in the grihastha ashram depends how one can keep Lord Krishna in the centre because Man is like butter and woman is like fire. So it’s very natural that when a man and woman come closer, then they become attach on the bodily platform. If this attachment is deflected towards Lord Krishna, then it can become perfect grihastha life.

Thus making one’s Grihastha life perfect by Krishna Consciousness, following activities are performed by iskcon temple-

  • Developing preaching centers
  • Building strong Sadhu-sanga groups
  • Providing Counselor 
  • Conducting enlightment sessions
  • Performing Harinaam Sankirtan
  • Organizing Sunday love Feast Programmes
  • Organizing camps and festival 
  • Distributing Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and vedic literature

These all above activities helps married people to engage themselves towards the name, form, quality, pastimes of Lord Krishna and make their married life more happy and meaningful.