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When we look back on the glorious past of India, we can’t deny the contribution of women in molding India’s future. Their position has been glorious ever since in Indian culture, Krishna is also known by his mother’s name like Yashoda Nandan, and Devaki Nandan.  Women have many forms like mother, sister, daughter, and wife and they play every role very well. God has given her the responsibility and power of generation, she takes care and nurtures children, helps her siblings as an advisor or guide, and stands with her husband in every up and down of life.  As the mother is the first teacher of a child, we can’t imagine an ideal society without women. Keeping this in mind ISKCON Ghaziabad came up with the idea of a girl’s wing named ISKCON GIRLS FORUM (IGF).

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Objectives of IGF

Krishna as a mark of respect always prefixes Radha Rani’s name before his name like Radha Madan Mohan, Radha Damodar, and Radha Gopinath. We also follow his learnings and here, we provide girls safe and congenial environment where they can flourish and thrive materially and spiritually as well.  At IGF we train girls on various platforms where they imbibe values of Vedic culture accompanied by modern education. As in universal government, all 3 important ministries are headed by Women, the Home Ministry by Goddess Durga, the Education Ministry by Goddess Saraswati, and the Finance Ministry by Goddess Laxmi. ISKCON GIRLS FORUM Ghaziabad also aims to train girls with high cultural, moral, and ethical values accompanied by valor and leadership skills. 


ISKCON Girls Forum

  • Seminars on character building and leadership by expert speakers equipped with vedic wisdom and modern education help to learn how to balance personal, professional, and spiritual life.
  • One to One facilitation for personal growth and heart sharing which helps with depression, academic problems, and personal problems.
  • Mantra Meditation to invoke Krishna’s consciousness that leads to a blissful life.
  • Cultural Activities like Singing Kirtan, Dancing, Theater Drama, Rangoli making etc.
  • Spiritual training like cooking prasadam, deities maintaining, garland making, and deities dressing.
  • We offer well-designed courses based on scriptures like the Bhagwad Gita where girls learn, how to implement their teaching practically in daily life.
  • We also organize spiritual camps and picnic.


We want to cultivate high values, intellectual, and chaste women through our endeavor. Who can manage her personal life, professional life, and family, when there is any opportunity also lead society as a leader.

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