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We all have our aspirations in life and we all want to achieve something tangible in life. But, in our pursuits, we overlook an essential aspect of human lives: we all are spirit souls. We all have an intricate relationship with God, where this human life provides a chance to rekindle our lost connection with the Supreme.

In our pursuit of happiness, we often seek love, which we try to find in the world marred by qualities such as greed, envy, lust, anger, false ego, and illusion. The transient nature of the material world makes it a place full of sorrow and misery where our minute encounters with happiness are frustrated by the prolonged distress that follows. 

It is not until when we reawaken our dormant love for Krishna we feel the happiness that we have been looking for everywhere. Establishing our relationship with Krishna is attained through an unwavering focus on the Supreme by chanting His sacred name, serving Him, and assisting His devotees in Krishna’s mission. 

The pinnacle of perfection lies in awakening pure love for Krishna, which will surpass all other pursuits. Nothing else will satisfy our souls, Ever. Everything within the material and spiritual domains exists to support our relationship with Krishna. This human life presents us with a unique opportunity to rekindle this sacred connection, making it the core focus of our existence.

Since love encompasses service, pure love for God is termed pure devotional service, or Bhakti. Bhakti yoga unveils the path to kindling Bhakti and embodies the essence of our spiritual journey.

In essence, our lives are a sacred quest to rediscover the eternal love we hold for Krishna, the Supreme. Reestablishing this profound relationship should be our life’s purpose and focus, transcending all other endeavours and pursuits.