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Daily Deity Seva

फलविक्रयिणी तस्य च्युतधान्यकरद्वयम् ।
फलैरपूरयद् रत्नै: फलभाण्डमपूरि च ॥

While Kṛṣṇa was going to the fruit vendor very hastily, most of the grains He was holding fell. Nonetheless, the fruit vendor filled Kṛṣṇa’s hands with fruits, and her fruit basket was immediately filled with jewels and gold.

Daily Deity Seva

yat karosi yad asnasi
yaj juhosi dadasi yat
yat tapasyasi kaunteya
tat kurusva mad-arpanam

“Oh son of Kunti, all that you do, all that you eat, all that you offer and give away, as well as all austerities that you may perform, should be done as an offering unto me.”

(Srimad Bhagavad Gita 9.27)

Gopal Bhatt Goswami is one of the 6 Goswamis in Vaishnav Sampradaya. He lived in Vrindavan, and he had 12 Saligaram whom he used to worship. One day a wealthy person announced that he would distribute dresses and jewelry to all devotees who have their personal deities for Vigrah Seva.  Gopal Bhatt Goswami thought if he had proper deities, he could also dress up deities and serve bhoga to them. The next day when he woke up he saw under the peepal tree, that one of his shaligram manifested himself into a Krishna Deities which is black in color. Today we know these deities with the Name of Radha Raman ji in Vrindavan.

Everyone can’t be like Gopal Bhatt Goswami nor we should imitate them, we should try to follow their instructions. Krishna reciprocates with his devotees through Seva and showers his eternal mercy on them. In ISKCON Ghaziabad we have installed Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan ji & Sri Jagannath Baldeva Subhadra, and for his personal service, we have a dedicated team of Pujaris, who serve them day and night. Their day starts at 3 am then they prepare for Mangal Aarti at 4:30 am, followed by 5 other Aartis and bhoga offerings and their day ends at 10 pm after Sayan Aarti of Lord Krishna.  Here, you can get a chance to serve Lord Krishna through Vigrah Sevas. 

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