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5 ‘Must’ Do Things on Amalaki Ekadashi 2024

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Amalaki Ekadashi 2024

There is a special day called Amalaki Ekadashi that comes in the month of Falgun. “Amalaki” means “gooseberry” in English.

The gooseberry fruit has an important place in Hindu scriptures. When the god Vishnu created Brahma to start the world, he also made the gooseberry tree at the same time.

Vishnu called the gooseberry tree the “first tree.” It is believed that Vishnu lives inside the gooseberry tree.

So the gooseberry is considered a sacred and special tree in Hinduism. That is why there is a special fasting day named after it, called Amalaki Ekadashi.

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Amalaki Ekadashi 2024 Dates

This year 2024, Amalaki Ekadashi falls on 20 March 2024.

Conversation Between King Madhata and Sage Vashishtha

One day, King Madhata asked the wise sage Vashishtha:

“Respected sage, please tell me about the importance of the sacred Amalaki Ekadashi fast.”

Sage Vashishtha replied:

“Dear king, I will tell you the story about the very auspicious Amalaki Ekadashi fast. This fast comes in the month of Phalgun during the bright half of the lunar cycle.

By keeping this fast, a person’s sins are destroyed. It is believed that observing Amalaki Ekadashi fast gives the same merit as donating 1000 cows.

Let me narrate the tale that explains the significance of Amalaki Ekadashi:

There was once a prosperous town called Vaidesh where people of all castes – Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras – lived happily together. Everyone in that town was religious and used to worship Lord Vishnu. They all observed fasts on Ekadashi days.

The king of this town was Chatarat from the Chandravanshi dynasty. He was very knowledgeable and pious. No one in the town was poor or miserly.

On the auspicious day of Amalaki Ekadashi in Phalgun month, the king and all the town’s people went to the temple. There they worshiped the sacred Amla (gooseberry) tree by offering incense, lamps, naivedya and gems. They chanted the names of Lord Vishnu throughout the night staying awake.

A sinful man also came to the temple that night, feeling very hungry and thirsty. He sat in a corner listening to the significance of Amalaki Ekadashi being narrated. Though a wrongdoer, he too remained awake the entire night. The next morning, he left with the others.

A few days later, that sinful man died. Despite his sins which would have led him to hell, because he had observed the Amalaki Ekadashi fast and remained awake, he took rebirth as a king named Vasurath.”

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King Vidhurath’s Anecdote

When King Vasurath grew up, he ruled over 10 villages along with his men. He was a very religious and truthful king who worked hard. Vasurath was a true devotee of Lord Vishnu. He treated all people equally and giving charity was something he always did.

One day, King Vasurath went into the forest to hunt animals. While in the forest, he got lost and did not know which way to go. He decided to sleep under a tree since he could not find his way back.

After some time, a group of people came to that place in the forest. When they saw the king sleeping alone under the tree, they started shouting “Kill him! Kill him!” They ran towards King Vasurath.

The group attacked the king, saying “This cruel king killed our child, our mother, our father, and everyone else! He forced us to leave the country. Now we will take revenge by killing him!”

They were very angry at King Vasurath and blamed him for terrible things he had supposedly done to them and their families. They wanted to get revenge on the king for the wrongs they believed he had committed against them.

Instructions for Keeping the Amalaki Ekadashi Fast:

The night before Amalaki Ekadashi, go to sleep thinking of Lord Vishnu.

On the morning of Amalaki Ekadashi day, take a bath. Then pray to Lord Vishnu using sesame seeds, kusha grass, and making hand mudras.

Take some water in your hands and say to Lord Vishnu: “I am keeping this Amalaki Ekadashi fast to please you and achieve salvation. Please give me your blessings so I can successfully complete this fast.”

Next, worship the sacred amla or gooseberry tree.

The following day, after the fast is over, feed Brahmin priests and give charity to those in need.

After doing all these activities, you can break your fast by eating food and drinking water.

The key things to do are:

  1. Think of Vishnu the previous night
  2. Bathe and pray to Vishnu with seeds and mudras on Ekadashi morning
  3. Ask for Vishnu’s blessings to keep the fast
  4. Worship the amla tree
  5. The next day, feed Brahmins and give charity
  6. Then you can break the fast by eating

This is the proper way to observe the Amalaki Ekadashi fast according to tradition.

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5 Things To Do In Amalaki Ekadashi in Detail

Amalaki Ekadashi is a special fasting day that comes once a year in the Hindu month of Phalgun (February/March). It is connected to the amalaki fruit, also known as the Indian gooseberry or amla. Here are 5 important things Hindus do on this sacred day:

1) Keep the Amalaki Ekadashi Fast

The main observance on Amalaki Ekadashi is to keep a strict fast. From the morning of the 11th lunar day (Ekadashi) until the next morning, you cannot eat any food or drink anything besides plain water.

It is one of the most significant fasting days for Hindus. Keeping this difficulty fast is said to cleanse sins and grant immense spiritual benefits.

2) Worship the Amalaki Tree

Another key ritual is to worship and show reverence to the amalaki tree or plant. The amalaki is considered a sacred tree in Hinduism as it is believed Lord Vishnu resides within it.

Devotees go to temples with amalaki trees and perform puja (worship) by bathing the tree’s roots, chanting mantras, and making offerings like fruits, flowers, and incense. Many also try to water an amalaki plant if they have one at home.

3) Read the Amalaki Mahatmya Text 

The Amalaki Mahatmya is an ancient Hindu text that details the glories of the amalaki fruit and tree. It describes why they are so sacred and the benefits of venerating them. On Amalaki Ekadashi, devotees read or listen to recitals of this text to learn about and honor its profound significance.

4) Donate Amalaki Fruits

An auspicious act on this day is to donate and gift amalaki fruits. The amalaki is considered one of the most vitamin C-rich fruits in the world and extremely nourishing. Devotees donate baskets of amalakis to temples, priests, neighbors, and the poor as it is highly meritorious to give this blessed fruit on Amalaki Ekadashi. 

5) Stay Awake All Night

A difficult custom that some devout Hindus follow is to stay awake throughout the night on Amalaki Ekadashi. Many gather at temples and spend the entire night singing devotional songs, listening to religious lectures, and meditating on God. The sleepless vigil is meant to purify the mind and body.

By observing these five practices, Hindus aim to honor the sacred amalaki, remove their sins, and get closer to the divine on the auspicious day of Amalaki Ekadashi. It is considered one of the most meritorious fasting days to observe.

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