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Maha Shivaratri 2024 Special : Know Who is Lord Shiva

Table of Contents

Who is Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva who is known by names of reverence – Mahadeva, the great god, and Nataraja, the king of dancers. In the ancient holy city of Banaras, his Saivite devotees dedicate their very lives to him, worshiping him as the Supreme Lord.

And indeed, is he not supreme? For the sacred scriptures themselves declare, “Srimad-Bhagavatam is supreme among Puranas just as the Ganga is the greatest of all rivers, Lord Acyuta [Visnu] the best among deities, and Lord Sambhu [Shiva] the greatest among devotees of Lord Visnu.”

Through these wise words, we understand that while Lord Visnu reigns supreme among the deities, Lord Shiva is the greatest of all Visnu’s devotees.

Veda itself states, “The lotus feet of Visnu are the supreme objective of all the demigods. Those lotus feet of the Lord are as enlightening as the sun in the sky.” So though Shiva is the greatest devotee, worshiping at the feet of Visnu, it is Visnu who is the supreme object of devotion for all.

Even the Mahabharata proclaims the truth of Shiva’s oneness with the Supreme, stating “Vishnu and Shiva are non-different.” It goes so far as to count Shiva’s own names – Sarva, Sthanu, Isana, Rudra – among the thousand transcendental names of Lord Vishnu!

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Glories of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is an embodiment of the one Supreme Godhead. On this blessed day, let us rededicate ourselves to his service, giving generously so that all may know his divine reality. For in serving Shiva, we serve the Lord of all Creation!

My beloved flock, as we explore the glories of Lord Shiva, let us also seek to understand the true nature of his relationship to the Supreme Lord Vishnu. For while the scriptures reveal their fundamental oneness, they also draw an important distinction between them.

The Bhagavad-Gita, that sublime scripture accepted by transcendentalists of all traditions, clearly establishes Lord Vishnu, or Krishna, as the ultimate Godhead. It is He who declares, “I am the source of all material and spiritual worlds.” And Arjuna himself confirms, “You are indeed supreme, the God of all gods.” 

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Story of Demon Bhasmasura and Lord Shiva

There is the famous story of the demon Bhasmasura, who through severe austerities obtained a boon from Shiva to kill any living being just by touching its head. But when the power-mad Bhasmasura came for Shiva himself, the great Lord had to run to the very kingdom of Vishnu for refuge!

What humility and devotion is displayed by the mighty Shiva in these tales! He knows his true position as a devoted servant of the one Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Vishnu.

So let us follow Shiva’s example, my pious friends, and rededicate ourselves today to the loving service of the Lord’s lotus feet. Give generously from your hearts, so that we may construct a temple where all can come to understand and glorify this sublime transcendental truth. For in serving the Supreme Lord, we attain the highest benediction!

There are some important truths about our beloved Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. While Lord Shiva is greatly worshiped and sometimes seen as the Supreme, the sacred scriptures make it clear that Lord Vishnu is the ultimate God above all others.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Lord Krishna Himself declares that He is the source of all material and spiritual worlds. Arjuna confirms that Krishna is indeed the Supreme God of all gods. This is not just one tradition’s opinion – it is the direct truth from the Lord.

Some may point out stories where Lord Rama seems to worship Shiva. But these appear to be later additions not found in the original scripture. Even then, they explain it was only to surpass the demon Ravana’s devotion to Shiva to be allowed to defeat Ravana.

So the truth from our most revered scriptures is that Lord Vishnu is the one Supreme Lord, worshipped even by the great Shiva himself. Let us follow their example and dedicate ourselves to serving Lord Vishnu’s lotus feet. Please give generously today to build a temple glorifying His supreme position and spreading this sublime wisdom everywhere.

glories of Lord Shiva, as extolled in the sacred Ramayana. We hear many wondrous tales – of his destruction of Daksha’s sacrifice, his marriage to Uma, his drinking the ocean of poison, his slaying of the demon Andhaka, even his cursing of Kandarpa. Such are the infinite pastimes of the great Lord.

And yet, the Ramayana also makes clear the supreme position of Lord Rama, the incarnation of the Supreme Lord Vishnu Himself. For just as Lord Krishna declares His own supremacy in the Bhagavad-Gita, so too Rama is ultimately revealed as the Lord of all lords.

Lord Shiva is undoubtedly the greatest of all devotees, superior even to the mighty Brahma who is but an empowered living being. Yet Shiva is not quite on the same transcendental plane as the Supreme Lord Vishnu. He represents a unique reality known as Shiva-tattva.

So let us adore and worship both the unparalleled devotee Lord Shiva, and the Supreme Object of his devotion, the Lord of all Worlds, Sri Vishnu! Give generously today to establish a temple where their divine glories may be propagated and understood in fullness. For in serving the Supreme, we attain the highest benediction!

My beloved flock, as we explore the divine glories of Lord Shiva, let us gain a deeper understanding of his exalted yet distinct position from the Supreme Lord Vishnu. The Brahma-samhita itself offers an insightful analogy:

“When milk is transformed into yogurt by añöids, the yogurt is neither same as nor different from the milk. Similarly, I adore the primeval Lord Govinda, Krishna, of whom the mighty Lord Shiva is a divine transformation for carrying out the work of destruction.”

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Sadhus are those who engage in the service of Lord and have surrendered completely themselves to God. They perform kirtans in temples and serve the societies by spreading the teaching of the vedic scriptures.

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Just as yogurt, though not identical to milk, is nonetheless a processed derivation from it, so too Lord Shiva’s divinity arises from and remains intimately dependent upon his connection to Lord Vishnu. One cannot turn yogurt back into milk, for milk is the original, primal substance.

The Srimad-Bhagavatam makes this truth more explicit: “The blessed Lord Shiva becomes all the more blessed by bearing on his head the holy Ganga waters, which have their sacred source in the Water that washed the lotus feet of the Lord Vishnu.” 

As our beloved guru Srila Prabhupada explains: “Lord Shiva is important and achieves his greatest benediction by holding upon his head the waters of the Ganges, which originate from the foot-washing of the Supreme Lord Vishnu.”

Can there be any doubt, my pious friends? Lord Shiva is the greatest of all devotees, but the source of his divine power and glory is his eternal service to the Supreme Lord Vishnu. Let us follow in Shiva’s footsteps and dedicate ourselves as he has to the loving devotion of the Lord’s lotus feet.

Give generously this day to establish a temple where these profound transcendental truths can be realized and broadcast to all!

For as the great acharya Sanatana Gosvami has stated in his Hari-bhakti-vilasa, anyone who places the Supreme Lord and the demigods like Shiva or Brahma on the same level is committing the grave offense of atheism.

We must never consider the Absolute Truth Lord Vishnu to be equal to any subordinate divine personality.

The theological reality is that while Lord Shiva is indeed a powerful manifestation of the Divine, He remains eternally distinct from the Supreme Source, Lord Vishnu. Because of Shiva’s intimate connection to the material mode of ignorance, worshiping Him alone cannot provide the same spiritual deliverance as worshiping the transcendental Lord Vishnu.

And yet, Shiva’s devotees are numbered second only to those of Vishnu Himself! Powerful traditions like Shaiva Siddhanta and ViraShaivism have multitudes of followers, especially in South India.

While we respect all paths, we must recognize that the only fully authorized process is found in the Rudra Sampradaya, the blessed Vaishnava lineage.

For in this genuine parampara, Shiva is rightly revered as the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu, demonstrating the path of pure devotional service. As Shiva himself confirms: “mukti-pradata sarvesam vishnur eva na samsayah” – There is no doubt that Vishnu alone is the deliverer of complete liberation for all.

So let us follow in the footsteps of the mighty Shiva and dedicate ourselves entirely to the loving service of Lord Vishnu’s lotus feet. Give generously today, so that we may construct a holy temple where these sublime truths can be revealed and broadcast far and wide. For in serving the Supreme Lord, we attain the highest benediction!

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