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Shat-Tila Ekadashi 2024 Dates, Importance, Vrat Katha and Puja Vidhi

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Shattila Ekadashi 2024

Ekadashi also known as “mother of devotion” observed by devotees for the pleasure of lord Sri Hari.

“There is no pilgrimage like Ganga. There is no teacher like a mother. There is no god like Lord Vishnu and there is no penance greater than fasting. There is no mother like forgiveness. There is no wealth like fame. There is no benefit like knowledge. There is no father like religion. There is no friend like Vivek and there is no fast greater than Ekadashi”.

Shat-Tila Ekadashi 2024 Dates, Importance and timings

Shattila Ekadashi 2024 Dates 

This Year 2024, Shattila Ekadashi Falls on 06 February 2024.

Shattila Ekadashi 2024 Paran Time

Shattila Ekadashi As Per Vaishnav Calendar 06th February 2024

Brahma Muhurta 5:39AM

IST Sun Rise: 7:15 AM

Shattila Ekadashi Paran Time: 07th February 2024, 7:14AM to 10:52AM

Break the fast between 7:14AM to 10:52AM on 07th February 2024.

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Sadhus are those who engage in the service of Lord Krishna and have surrendered completely themselves to Lord Krishna. They perform kirtans in temples and serve the societies by spreading the teaching of the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

Lord Krishna is more Pleased when sadhus are served. Kindly Donate on auspisious Shattila Ekadashi to feed Sadhus and get the spiritual shower of blessing and success in your life. 


Glories of Shattila Ekadashi

When Shattila Ekadashi 2024 Occurs?

Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Magh month is known as Shattila Ekadashi.

What One Should Do On Shattila Ekadashi 2024?

In “Bhavishyottara purana”conversation between Sri Krishna and Yudhishthira Maharaj has been describes which defines the glories of Shattila Ekadashi.

Once Yudhishthira Maharaj asked lord Sri Hari to describe him the glories of Ekadashi occurs in Krishna paksha of magh month to which lordSriHari replied “Ekadashi of Krishna paksha magh month is known as Shattila Ekadashi” the glories of this Ekadashi was once described by plastya muni to dalbhya muni.

Once dalbhya muni asked plastya muni about every living being in the mortal world being engaged in sinful activitiesso what is the solution to save him from the torture of hell?

Paltsya muni replied to dalbhya muni that he has asked a good thing. In the month of Magh, a person should take bath and keep his senses under control and give up lust, anger, ego, greed and condemnation.

He further added that one should remember the Supreme Lord, before touching the ground, one should collect cow dung fallen on the ground, mix sesame seeds and cotton in it and make one hundred and eight Pinda’s. As soon as Ardra Mool Nakshatra arrives in the month of Magh, one should observe the fast on Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha. For forgiveness of sins, one should chant the name of lord Sri Hari.

Do full night Nama sankirtan and worship Sri Hari with conch, chakra, sandalwood, camphor, and sacred offerings. Then while chanting the names of lord Sri Krishna, those 108 bodies should be offered to God along with custard apple, coconut, and guava. If the items are not available, then betel nut can be its substitute.”

On Ekadashi we should pray to lord Sri Hari“O Shri Krishna, you are extremely merciful. You are the protector of all of us. We are drowning in this ocean of material world. Please be happy with us.”

On Ekadashi day one should Bath with sesame seeds, apply sesame paste, performing havan with sesame seeds, drink water mixed with sesame seeds, should donate sesame seeds, should use sesame seeds in food. In this way, by using sesame seeds in six activities, it is considered as Shattila Ekadashi which destroys all our sin.

 If it is not possible for one to perform all these austerities one can-


2.Visit nearby Iskcon temple and perform services to lord Sri Hari.

3.Try to perform charity for brahmachari’s and sadhus.

4.Hear Hari katha.

In this picture, Ekadashi 2024 name,dates and vrat katha has been explained

Shattila Ekadashi Vrat Katha



Once Narad Muni asked lord Krishna to narrate him the story of Shattila Ekadashi to which lord Sri Krishna replied “once there was one brahmin women she used to worship lord Sri Hari maintaining celibacy.

After performing all kinds of austerity, she became very pure but brahmini never gave charity brahmins and demi-gods. She never gave charity to hungry people around.

Once to test brahmini lord Sri Hari came himself as a brahmin and asked brahmini for bhiksha. Brahmini asked lord SriHari to tell her where he has come from to which knowingly lord SriHari did not replied anything. Brahmini got angry and she added mud into bowl of alms. 

After that lord Sri Hari returned to his abode.Because of lord Sri Hari’s penance Brahmini came to lord’s abode but she got a beautiful palace, devoid of wealth. Finding nothing in that palace, she became angry and came to ask lord sri Hari thatshe worshiped him by doing all the fasts and penances, but why did she not attain wealth?

To this lord Sri Hari asked brahmin to return back to her home further asked her that wives of demigods will come to meet her at that she need not to open her door for them without hearing Shattila Ekadashi glories from them.

Brahmini did the same she returned back to her home, and she did not open her door for wives of demigods until they described her glories of Shattila Ekadashi. 

As per the instructions of wives of demigods brahmini observed Shattila Ekadashi fasting and due to the merits of Shattila Ekadashi. She got wealth and beauty.

Pulatsya Rishi has described that , “One who observes the fast of this wonderful Shattila Ekadashi with utmost devotion and in a proper manner, becomes free from all types of poverty – spiritual, mental, physical, material and social as well as from misfortunes and bad omens. 

In fact, By observing this Ekadashi fast, by doing charity, yagya and consuming sesame seeds, a person becomes free from all the sins acquired in previous births and returns to the spiritual world of God.

Thus, glories of Shattila Ekadashi ends here.

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Iskcon Ghaziabad distributes free meal to needy people everyday. 

Join us by making a kind contribution to provide the prasadam to on this special occasion of the Shattila Ekadashi 2024.

Scriptures mention food (prasadam) distribution as one of the most charitable acts. Food (prasadam) distribution is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Prasadam is infused with blessings. It not only nourishes the body but it energizes the soul one with unlimited blessings of Lord RadhaKrishna

Please donate generously and do not miss this unique opportunity to receive the unlimited blessings of Lord Krishna. Contribute to help us make this this occasion very special. 


Ekadashi FAQ’S

Question: Can we offer food to the idols on the day of Ekadashi?

Answer: Srila Prabhupada says that the observance of Ekadashi is for the Jiva principle as it suffers from material diseases, not for the Vishnu principle. 

Therefore, we can offer food to Shri Radhakrishna and Lord Jagannath even on the day of Ekadashi, but we should not offer food to Gaur-Nitai and Spiritual Guru. 

Gaur-Nitai teaches devotion to Shri Krishna through his conduct, hence despite being Krishna-Balram, Gaur-Nitai should not offer food.

Question: Is it required for one to perform “udyapan” of Ekadashivrat?

Answer: “Udyapan” is done for that fast in whose observance some material desire is inherent. When the material desires are fulfilled, the fast is dissolved and there is no need to observe the fast again. 

But there is no material desire in observing Ekadashi fast, hence there is no need for its “Udyapan”, and one can never stop observing it.

Question: What is the benefit of studying the glory of Ekadashi?

Answer: If a person is physically unable to observe Ekadashi fast, then he must study the glory of Ekadashi. In this way, he also gets the same results as the one who observes the fast of Purna Ekadashi. Every person should observe Ekadashi to the best of his ability.

Question: What can be eaten and what not on the day of Ekadashi?

Answer: If possible, on the day of Ekadashi, one should neither drink water nor eat anything. If this is not possible, one can observe the fast by drinking water. If this is also not possible, then you can observe the fast by eating fruits. If even this is not possible then you can take milk products along with fruits. Even if there is difficulty, you can eat Ekadashi prasadam.


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