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All About Iskcon Temple And Its History

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What is ISKCON Temple?

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON Temple is a community of 500’s of temples, congregations, farm communities, and thousands and thousands of Ecstatic Joyous devotees roaring away the effects of the Kali by the Congregational chanting of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

ISKCON Temple began in 1966 with the founder Acarya His Divine Grace Abhay Charanarvinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada in New York City. Although the institute had its beginning 57 years ago, the teachings are based upon the ancient Gaudiya-Vaishnava sampradāya, a monotheistic tradition within the Sanatana Culture.

Is Iskcon A Foreign Organization?

ISKCON Temple was founded by a great personality in 1966 in New York and thus people have this misconception that ISKCON is a foreign organization or as some accusers claim VIDESHI SANSTHAN. 

Srila Prabhupada, the founder Acharya appeared in this mortal world in Calcutta, India. He spent 70 years of his life in India, He spent 40+ years trying to preach the great message of Lord Chaitanya in India but then India was in a race of idealizing the West. So to execute the Order of His Spiritual Master, Srila Prabhupada left for the West on August 13, 1965, at the age of 69.

So ISKCON Temple has been well established by an Indian, also it is simply a myth that ISKCON sends its money outside whereas many ISKCON temples from outside INDIA send money for the Huge architectural masterpiece being built on the land of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Birth at Sridham Mayapur. 

Krishna is also known as Jagganath which means Lord of the Universe, and there is no difference between the Lord and its paraphernalia so can the organization of the Lord be confined to a single country, ISKCON Temple is an international organization that has spread the message of Sanatana Dharma on all 7 continents across the globe.

Radha Krishna Temple Construction has Restarted. Help us to built Radha Krishna Temple

Donate Cement and Radha Naam Bricks and Get Immense Blessings From Sri Radha Krishna

“Whoever constructs or helps to construct a temple will protect eight generations of father, grandfathers and forefathers from falling into Hell” – Vamana Purana.


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7 Purposes of ISKCON Temple

The incorporation document states Seven Purposes of ISKCON Temple:

(1) To systematically represent spiritual knowledge to society at large level and to educate people ways of spiritual life to check the imbalance of values in life and to achieve eternal unity and peace in the world.

(2) To spread Krishna Consciousness as it is mentioned in the Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam.

(3) To bring the people of the Society together with each other and closer to Krishna, the prime entity, and thus to develop the idea, within the members, and humanity, at large, that each soul is part and parcel of Lord Krishna.

(4) To educate and encourage the Harinaam Sankirtan movement of congregational chanting of the holy name of the lord as mentioned in the teachings of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

(5) To erect for the members, and for society at large, a sacred place of divine pastimes, dedicated to the personality of Krishna.

(6) To bring the members closer together to teach a simpler and more natural way of life.

(7) to achieve the aforementioned purposes, to publish and distribute periodicals, magazines, books and other writings. 

ISKCON Temple Contribution to Society 

ISKCON’s Food For Life

ISKCON Temple all over the world has distributed 550 crore plates of Prasadam meals to date. Srila Prabhupada had this vision that no one in a 10-mile radius of our temple should go hungry 

ISKCON Youth Forum / ISKCON Girls Forum

Education is what differentiates Spirituality from fanatic Religion and ISKCON Temple provides education to various divisions of Society. The great result of this education is that 50 Lakh crimes are committed every year in India and not a single crime is committed by the youth of this organization, indeed a great achievement in itself.

Cow Protection

ISKCON runs with more than 100 farms and goshalas around the globe, with innumerable affiliate projects. ISKCON even has a separate ministry called the ISKCON Ministry of cow protection and Agriculture to facilitate the same.

Sastra Distribution

ISKCON has distributed lakhs and crores of sastras like The Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagwatam, thus providing this great knowledge to the modern world. The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) prints more than 2 million books every year, there are 224 E-books available in 24 languages.

 The preaching of the Sanatana Dharma

ISKCON has taught the essence of Sanatana Dharma to all the sects of the society. It has preached and proclaimed the message of the Vedas in the modern world to the modern yourth of our society.


ISKCON Ghaziabad is constructing a new temple in wave city at Ghaziabad. Construction of this new temple has restarted recently.

As we need to build a temple so that Iskcon could be served the all people at every corner of the world. We just don’t build a temple, we provide education centre, free prasadam centres, free counselling centres, we build a place where people can get real and permanent happiness. 

Iskcon Ghaziabad distributes free meal to needy people everyday

Join us by making a kind contribution to provide the prasadam to needful people.

Scriptures mention food (prasadam) distribution as one of the most charitable acts. Food (prasadam) distribution is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Prasadam is infused with blessings. It not only nourishes the body but it energizes the soul one with unlimited blessings of Lord RadhaKrishna

Please donate generously and do not miss this unique opportunity to receive the unlimited blessings of Lord Krishna. 


As per the Vamana Purana

“Whoever constructs or donates to build a temple will protect eight generations of fathers, grandfathers, and forefathers from falling into hell.” one can get the eternal spiritual world (Vaikunta). One can attain heavenly pleasures. This is called ‘Ajnata sukriti’, which means pious credit acquired unknowingly.”

We, in Iskcon Ghaziabad feed more than 20,00,000 plates each day for free of cost. During COVID-19, ISKCON temples served everyone by distributing millions of plates of delicious food. We also turned our temples into hospitals for needy people who were suffering by COVID-19.

As ISKCON is famous for its free meal serving programmes so we are so glad to announce that by opening of this new temple, we would be able to serve more. There would have a big temple hall as well which would help thousands of devotees in having darshan of deities of Radha Krishna comfortably. 

Just by starting the construction of a temple for Lord, sins committed in seven births will be erased and one will deliver one’s forefathers who are suffering in hellish planets” and “who sponsors a temple of Lord Vishnu, gets ten million times the advantages accured by Yajna, Austerities, Charities, Pilgrimage and study of Vedas. – Skanda Purana.


Srila Prabhupada and the Guru Parampara

Srila Prabhupada travelled the globe 14 times during lecture tours for spreading the teachings of Lord Krishna. Men and women from all caste came forward to accept his message. With the help of them, Srila Prabhupada build temples, farm communities, a publishing house, and educational institutions all around the world. And,Srila Parbhupad began the world’s largest vegetarian food relief program, Hare Krishna Food for Life.

With the purpose to nourish the roots of Krishna consciousness in its home, Srila Prabhupada came back to India many times, where he sparked a revival in the Vaishnava culture. In India, Srila Parbhupad opened 108 temples, including big centers in the holy cities of Vrindavan and Mayapura.

Srila Prabhupada’s most important contributions are his books. He authored over 70 volumes on the Krishna tradition, which are highly honoured by scholars for their authority, depth, fidelity to the tradition, and clarity. A lot of his works are used as textbooks in various college courses. His explanation have been translated into 76 languages. His most important works involves Bhagavad-gita As It Is, the 30-volume Srimad-Bhagavatam, and the 17-volume Sri Caitanya-caritamrita.

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada disappeared on November 14, 1977, in the holy place of Vrindavana, surrounded by his loving disciples and devotess who carry on Srila Parbhupad’s mission today.


1) How can I join ISKCON and how much Money does it cost?

You can reach your nearest ISKCON Temple and can approach the devotees there and they can further guide you, and it is absolutely free to take part in activities performed by the temple.

2) Will I be forced to be a Monk if I join ISKCON?

Absolutely not, ISKCON constitutes of 99% householders or grihasta and just 1% monks or Bhramachari. ISKCON motivates us to lead a happy and God Conscious life despite any Ashram you want to live in.




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